Case Study: Hyatt Place London City East.

Sustainability is at the core of all BCG projects.

For Hyatt Place London City East, the project achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent at both the design and procurement stage, utilising wherever possible materials with a low environmental impact. 

‘The project is exemplary for its adaptive reuse of the existing structure, carrying a strong sustainable message, as well as creating a smart and practical Hyatt hotel within the old shell. Close collaboration and strong working relationships were key to achieving a successful development’

- Paul Wells, Partner, Dexter Moren Associates

How important is the local community to your hotel’s culture and strategic plan? 

‘Hyatt Place London City East is truly located where the city meets the east. Capturing the vibrancy of our location and our community is key to bringing vitality and a true sense of place for our guests. We commissioned a series of London-based street artists to deliver locally inspired one-off art pieces and we work hard to support and promote our local food & beverage producers, bringing authenticity inspired by our community and location.

Our community is nothing without people. Creating an authentic travel experience for our guests begins foremost with local employment, and I am proud that over 35% of our workforce are from local east London boroughs, building a lasting legacy of employment and apprenticeship opportunity’

- Michael Mason-Shaw, General Manager – Hyatt Place London City East, Cycas Hospitality

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