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'UK Hotel Lending Report 2020' launch.

Berkeley Capital Group (BCG) is pleased to announce the publication of the UK Hotel Lending Report 2020. Collaborating with City University Real Estate Research Centre, this landmark report is the first investigation into the hotel investment and lending market.

Dr. Nicole Lux - Senior Research Fellow - Project Director, City University Real Estate Research Centre - also leads the UK Commercial Property Lending Report, which is the industry benchmark report used by the Bank of England and regularly referred to in the FT, Estates Gazette, EG Capital Market, Property Week, Capital Economics, Bloomberg and Reuters.

'Whilst we’ve had a UK commercial property lending report for over 20 years - since 1997 - this report represents a first of its kind for the UK hotel financing market. Especially during this momentous time in the market, the findings in this report will be key reading material to everyone investing in and financing hotels to better understand the UK hotel market structure and financing opportunities'

- Dr Nicole Lux, Senior Research Fellow at the Business School (formerly CASS)

'Berkeley Capital Group (BCG) is proud to spearhead the launch of The UK Hotel Lending Report and we have brought together a best-in-class steering committee from Savills, CMS, Taylor Wessing, Castleforge and CREFC Europe to ensure the report provides both comparability with the main lending report as well as a holistic perspective on the market. Along with detailed interviews and surveys of key industry players, the report estimates the value of debt secured against UK hotels at £15.1bn in June 2020, which accounts for 9% of total outstanding CRE loans on lenders’ balance sheets at year-end 2019. As the first UK lending report which focuses on a specialised asset class, The UK Hotel Lending Report will become an annual publication with all proceeds benefitting WiH Global (WiH), a not-for-profit and global community who believe that by collaborating, we can have greater impact and create a hospitality industry that is more diverse and inclusive'

- Lissa Engle, Managing Director at BCG

Press Release

Note all proceeds benefit not-for-profit WiH Global (WiH). Email to Order Report.

WiH Global (WiH) stands for women in hospitality and is a global not-for-profit and best-in-class community who believe that by collaborating, we can have greater impact and raise the game to create a hospitality industry which is more diverse and inclusive. The WiH global community includes members cross-segment who Build, Fund, Operate and Advise (‘BFOA’) in hospitality. WiH is over halfway through announcing the first intake of 500 global members (450 women & 50 men) across Americas, EMEA and APAC. The curated community targets members from as many companies in the industry as feasible (target 400) to ensure the global community drives for positive change with purpose and impact. Key pillars are mentoring, knowledge share and outreach. 'WiH' (initially meaning Women in Hotels) was founded by Lissa Engle (LE) in April 2020 as a means for colleagues to connect and have a sense of community during lockdown. Given growing interest in the WiH community, in October 2020, WiH changed to stand for Women in Hospitality and non-profit ‘WiH Global' was officially formed. WiH has already hosted dozens of panel discussions, initiated a mentoring programme with 65 members, partnered with global hospitality conferences to promote more diverse and inclusive panels and launched a global women’s representation survey to provide insight into women and ethnic minority representation in the industry. BCG has funded to date all start-up and running costs so that members can enjoy free access.