BCG's Team

BCG’s Team share a common culture - honest, humble  and hardworking where collaboration, transparency, knowledge share and a passion for sustainability are at the core of BCG. 

BCG is above all a TEAM culture where Together Everyone Achieves More.

Advisory Board.

BCG’s best-in-class Advisory Board question, challenge and always demand more from BCG's founder and the team. They inspire BCG to make a positive and lasting impact in the sector and always strive for excellence. 

BCG Team.

BCG benefits from global partnerships with leading firms. For each development, BCG selects a best-in-class team bespoke to the strategy of the development to ensure a seamless and successful delivery. This enables BCG's in-house team to remain streamlined and specialised to oversee our external teams where collaboration, knowledge share and transparency is key and a TEAM culture prevails where Together Everyone Achieves More.

London Office. To oversee all UK & European investments and developments (ex Portugal).

  • Managing Director, Legal Counsel, Development Director, Project Director/Architect, Design Director, Investment Team

Portugal Office. Given our development pipeline of 1,500+ keys, BCG has opened an office in Portugal to oversee local developments.

  • Development Manager, Project Manager/Architect, Designer Manager

For a list of the team and their bios, please email



BCG is actively recruiting for stellar Investment Professionals (Analyst to VP and PT/FT) so if you are best-in-class in underwriting hospitality investments and developments and wish to support the team on IMs, models, proformas, presentations and market research, please email with CV and Cover Letter explaining why BCG and what you could contribute to the team.  

Thank you to our terrific previous colleagues who have been part of BCG's journey: 

  • Consultants: Cristina Balekjian (2018), Jinal Patel (2019), Ruben Pueyo (2020-2021)
  • Interns: Zhangyi Wang (2019 Investment), Elizaveta Lohninger (2021 Sustainability)


For internships, BCG will be providing selective opportunities on an ongoing basis. Please mention ‘internship’ in subject and provide CV, Cover Letter and clarify period for which you wish to be considered and whether PT/FT.  


If you are an advisor and wish to collaborate with BCG on our investments and developments, we are always looking to add best-in-class collaborators to our Advisory Panel, so please email and provide your credentials in hospitality and ESG/sustainability


  • Experienced Team. Young Company.
  • Driven to Make an Impact.
  • Sustainable. Specialised. Turnkey.
  • Welcome to BCG.